14 February 2009

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day and choosing the right dress is extremely one of the most exciting and essential part of the wedding planning process.

Your gown will take about 4 - 6 months to finish after you've ordered it. Therefore, start looking for the perfect gown early so you can have ample time for fittings and alterations. Order your gown at least 6 - 8 months in advance (up to 12 months) and schedule a fitting 2 weeks to a month before your big day.

In choosing your wedding gown take into consideration the style and theme of your wedding, there are many styles to choose from with different bodices and skirts so don't leave it to the last minute before beginning to look.

Traditionally the bride always wore white for their wedding day but these days white isn't compulsory and some people especially if they have very pale skin should avaoid white and go for ivory or cream instead. The fabric of the dress is more a matter of personal taste with lace, fine cotton being more suited to summer weddings while heavy satin, brocade and velvet are suited for winter weddings.

Be realistic and know your budget. Have a good understanding of what price range you set and do not go over this price range. Your wedding gown will definitely be one of the major purchases you will invest in since bridal dresses are more elaborate and more intricate in details, often with yards of fabric, and can include a considerable amount of handiwork and embellishment - all these extras add up to the cost.

There are many bridal magazines and websites with ideas of dresses and this is an excellent way to start, but always go with what you feel is comfortable and not what magazines or web sites say are in fashion. Know yourself and look for a dress that is the most flattering for your body. Be flexible - it may not be the dress you envision.

Once you have an idea in mind then find a bridal specialist you trust and they will work with you to find the right dress for you. Take someone with you who you can trust to give you an honest opinion about how you look while fitting some available designs. This could really help when deciding on the perfect dress.

Your dress will be very expensive so don't go rushing into something that you might regret, make sure that you do like the dress and above all others and feel comfortable while looking stunning. Another point to remember is that you will be buying the dress months beforehand and during this time you could gain or lose weight, a couple of pounds is ok but be careful of going to the extreme. So we suggest to order a dress that is 1 size bigger than your actual size.

A specialist shop will give you several fittings in between ordering and the big day with the final fitting being around two weeks before your wedding day. Another big advantage to choosing a dress from a shop specializing in bridal wear is that you will be able to get the entire outfit including headdress, accessories and even the whole set of entourage dresses.


1. An extra pair of shoes that is low and comfortable
2. Utility kit, with everything from nail file to scissors
3. Double - sided tape for emergency hems
4. Safety pins for zippers that go awry
5. Mini make - up kit

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