10 July 2008

Church Wedding Requirements

Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates: these are for both the bride and the groom. These must be new copies and must have an annotation: "FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY" and must have been secured not more than three (3) months before the date of marriage.

Marriage License: can be secured from the city or municipality hall of either the bride or the groom.

For those who are civilly married, a certified true photocopy of the Marriage Contract with register number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted one week before the wedding date.

Canonical Interview: this interview with the bride and the groom will be done one month before the wedding date and will be done by the parish priest or his assistant. The schedule of the interview will be given upon the signing of the application form. Failure to report on the interview date or failure to notify the office of any change in the schedule will mean cancellation of the application and reservation.

Pre-Marriage Seminar: both the bride and the groom have to attend this. The schedule for the seminar will be given during the canonical interview or you may inquire at the parish office. Some churches will allow you to attend other pre-wedding seminars such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter or Discovery Weekend. (Note: if you have already attended either one of these, inquire at the parish office if they recognize these weekend seminars in lieu of the parish's seminar.)

Permission: permit from the parish of the bride must be secured and presented to the parish office of the chosen ceremony venue (form will be provided for by the parish office of your selected church.)

Wedding Banns: these will be provided during the canonical interview and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the bride and the groom for posting. These have to be returned to the office after three Sundays. (Note: the respective parishes may ask some requirements for the posting of the banns [i.e. a picture each from the bride and the groom]).

List of names and addresses of principal sponsors (Ninongs & Ninangs): this has to be submitted to the parish office one week before the wedding date. Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors and, ideally, a maximum of six sponsors.

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