05 January 2009

Monetary Gifts

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way; A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way.
Gifts are good, CASH is better.

One of the most challenging etiquette issues facing engaged couples is how to politely ask for cash instead of gifts on their wedding day. It's easier than you think: The key is to add a bit of sugar and a lot of honesty. Skip the stress and read up for eight ways to get the moolah. (P.S. Having your guests partake in your special day is still the best gift you could ask for.)

1. Rely on family members. If you have limited time, the easiest option is to let your family members relay the message that cash is better. Chances are, news will travel fast among your guests.

2. Don't register. When guests ask you where you're registered, the best reply is "We've got the necessities already." Hopefully, they will get the hint. The risk: They still insist on buying you something, and you end up with ten toasters.

3. Specify. There's nothing as tactless as writing "No boxed gifts, please." on the invite, so if you're going to place a request, you might as well say it right! Guests feel more comfortable giving cash if they know where it's going. Here are some suggestions:
  • "We're saving up for our dream home; any contribution would be greatly appreciated."
  • "We're flying to Hawaii for our honeymoon! We'd love it if you could lighted our finances and give us a treat!"
  • "We'd love to start a family soon, so any donation for our baby budget would be great!"
  • "Our worldly possessions are plentiful as such, on our wedding present list there really isn't much, a gift of currency is all we ask, to help us on our life long task."
4. Divert calls. People are bound to have questions when they receive wedding invites. Modify your voice mail greetig to something light and suggestive, like:
  • "We can't wait to see you on our wedding day! We just finished furnishing our new home, so now we're broke from all the expenses! Ha ha! Wanna help us save (hint, hint)".
The funnier, the better. Guests will get a kick out of it, and cash will come in.

5. Auction. Auction off your designer reception dress, the groom's tie, the dove's or anything that you can live without after your wedding.

6. Place a "box of dreams" or "wishing well" at the reception. Beside it, put small envelopes to be dropped inside with labels like "A candlelit dinner," "Spa for two," or anything you'd want to do as a couple. Guests would be amused by the novelty of fulfilling your requests.

7. Create a web site. With community sites like Friendster, Blogger and Multiply, you can create a "wedding countdown" of sorts. Use the multimedia features to share your journey together, as well as your wish list. People visiting the site would not only be informed, but be familiarized with your love story.

8. Be poetic. Write a poem on the invitation.

Reference: The Wedding Digest

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