24 July 2008

Wedding Flowers

Meaning of Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers beautify the wedding ceremony, reception, dresses, and attires. Each type of wedding flowers tells an important meaning. Here are the common wedding flowers with respective meaning and application.

The meaning of the wedding flowers was handed down from generation to generation. The earliest record of flower giving was seen on the Victorian era. Sometimes, it is hard to express emotion and feeling. So, the men just give flowers. The women understand what the specific type of flowers means. And, it is unnecessary for the men to explain the flowers.

The wedding colors on the flower carry a special meaning as well. Focusing on the particular wedding colors and flowers, the bride and groom incorporate the special meaning in the wedding.

The Calla Lilies flower name came from the Greek word Kallos. It means beauty. The flower has been associated for elegance and charm for generations. Adding Calla Lilies to the wedding, you create an incomparable elegance, sophistication, and charm to the wedding.

Daisies brighten the wedding. It just makes people to smile and cheer. The most popular are white petals with yellow center. Although the daisies are popular flower, it is rarely use as a wedding theme. Daisies really mean innocent and romantic. The flower is perfect for summer wedding ideas. To create a wonderful cheery summer wedding bouquet, you can tie a bunch of daisies and babies breathe with fancy ribbon.

Roses are the most popular wedding flower. The white roses mean purity, innocence, cleanliness, and virtue. Thus, most of the wedding dress is usually white. The red in roses raises the blood circulation and excitement. Thus, the red roses mean love and passion. Combining the white and red, you get the color pink. It means harmony, and fidelity. Pink roses are an expression of happiness to unite on the special occasion.

Roses are always popular in wedding. It is a surefire way to decorate the wedding. Roses come in different colors to match the wedding theme. For an additional finesse, the roses can be wrapped in colored tulle to match the wedding theme.

Tulips grow in cold climate country. Netherlands, North America, and Australia are abundant of Tulips. The bell shaped flower usually comes in vibrant red, white, and yellow. Adding tulips in wedding, it means everlasting love. Normally, the tulips are abundant on the spring. Thus, the tulips are great for spring wedding ideas.

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