14 February 2009

Right Gown for the Right Body Shape

If you have purchased your wedding gown some months before the wedding, store them elsewhere as staring at them continuously can make you far less excited.
Guides in choosing the right gown for the right body shape:

You can make the most of your figure as you can go for any style you want. Go for soft, flowy matrials, lots of detailing from the waistline down, or with a satin sash tied elegantly around your waist to enhance your curves.

An A - line gown would be perfect for you. To look taller, opt for a higher waist cut or a V - cut bodice to accentuate your waistline. Look captivating with an empire - cut gown complemented with flowy, chiffon materials from your bust line.

A V - cut neckline is most flattering. Go for detailing in the bust and neck line while keeping details and cut simple. Know your body and flaunt your best features while cleverly hiding others. A bodice will accentuate yur waist and the staight cut hides the tummy. And instead of silky, shiny fabrics, choose soft, matte - colored ones.

Source: weddingsbyeternal


You will want your wedding dress to show off your figure to its best advantage. Here are the 4 basic body types and the goals that you want to keep in mind for yourself based on your body type when choosing your pattern:

Triangle - your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. Your goal will be to minimize your lower body and create the illusion of additional upper body width.

Reverse Triangle - your upper body is wider than your lower body. Your goal will be to emphasize lower body width.

Hourglass - your bust and hips are larger thatn your small waist. Your goal will be to create balance.

Rectangle - your body is long and narrow without a strongly defined waistline. Your goal will be to emphasize width and avoid long vertical lines.

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