02 January 2009


...the honeymoon does not always have to take place the night of the wedding. Although surely a joyous occasion, the wedding day will most likely also be tiring. A short break after the wedding could be a good idea.

Planning your honeymoon gives you and your future spouse the freedom for more personal and intimate decisions. While the wedding preparations include having to consider the needs of your guests, the honeymoon is strictly only about the two of you. However, that doesn't mean that is requires less attention.

The first step is to decide where you both want to go. The key word here is both. You have to be open to the possibility that maybe your ideal vacation by the sea sounds horribly boring to your future spouse. Or maybe one wants to spend a weekend in a favorite vacation spot, while the other would rather spend a week in a new, exotic place. The best way to settle this is to find a place where both of you interests are met. Try listing down the characteristics of your perfect vacation destinations. Find a place that fits as many of these as possible. Another thing to consider is your budget. Naturally, you have to fit your honeymoon plans into your set budget. Whether you choose to spend your honeymoon in a cruise, in a big city, or in a cozy inn, what matters most is that you go where you both will be happy.

The next thing to do is to set when you will go on your honeymoon. Contrary to popular belief, the honeymoon does not always have to take place the night of the wedding. Although surely a joyous occasion, the wedding day will most likely also be tiring. A short break after the wedding could be a good idea. Lots of newlyweds take a few days off before going on their honeymoon. This gives time for taking care of other affairs, like opening wedding presents and sending thank you cards. Other couples have their work schedule to consider. If you cannot have your ideal honeymoon for the meantime. Also, especially for popular tourist spots, check for the peak season. You wouldn't want to ruin your romantic trip by having a deal with hordes of tourists. It would be best to consult travel agencies, or search the internet for information.

After deciding on the place and the date, the next step is to se the duration. Work and money constraints might dictate this. Do try to set a time frame that will allow for a fun and relaxing vacation, one that isn't crammed or hurried.

It is advisable to start planning the trip as early as possible. Booking tickets and making reservations months in advance could allow for discounted prices. Also, starting early would enable you to compare what the different destinations have to offer. A lot of hotels and vacation spots have set packages that include tours, transportation, and dining.

Determine how much money you are both willing to spend. When coming up with the amount, consider the different expenses your will have: food, activities, shopping, and incidental expenses. Make a chart of how many days you will be on the honeymoon and set a budget for each day.

Once you've made reservations and purchased your plane tickets,go over the list again and prepare for other small expenses that you may have overlooked. If your hotel doesn't offer free shuttle services, you might need to pay for transportation to and from the hotel. You should also consider setting aside a small amount for tips, which is required in some countries. In case of emergencies, make sure you have travel insurance, and a way to contact family and friends back home. Make sure your passport and visa are still valid. Have the tickets, reservations, confirmation letters and travel documents ready.

Now that you've done all these things, remember that this trip is about the two of you. What's important is to have fun and enjoy each other's company. Planning early and preparing well will ensure this trip will be one that you both will always treasure.

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