05 September 2008

Wedding Colors: It's Meanings

The wedding colors convey emotion, mood and tone. We tend to use our favorite wedding color combination without knowing the real meaning of wedding colors. Each wedding colors has a good and bad image. In choosing the wedding colors it is important to highlight the good image of the wedding color.
The cool colors convey calming effect, while the warm colors create excitement. The neutral colors convey unification or unity. The cool colors of wedding are blue, green, turquoise and silver. The warm colors are red, pink, yellow, gold and orange. The neutral colors are brown, beige, ivory, gray, black and white.

BLACK depicts formal, modern, sexy, and sophisticated. It is a color that is always in fashion. It never goes out of style. Black is usually paired with white. With black, you feel elegant, powerful, and sophisticated. Black works well with lighter colors such as yellow, white, red, blue, and green. Black will stand out in photographs. On the contrary, black is also a symbol of evil, darkness, and death.

BLUE calls for calmness, tranquility, truthfulness, nobleness, and faithfulness. In all the culture, blue has the lowest amount of bad images. Blue is often use in ribbons to symbolize winners. Blue is recommended and versatile. Anyone can not go wrong. We often see blue in wedding flowers, and dress. The only bad image of blue is depression, loneliness, and sadness.

BROWN makes you feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. It is a color of the wood, earth, and stone. The guests will be obliged to stay longer. Brown also stimulates appetite. The only bad image is that it is sometimes dull. However, the brown brings character to the location.

GREEN represents wealth, money, nature, environment, fertility, growth, re-birth, victory, healing, abundant, and renewable. The green tells of new life and beginning after the wedding. Oftentimes, we use green to show the awareness to be eco-friendly, or environment friendly. The bad image of green is greed, jealousy, and envy.

ORANGE stands for energy, sun, warmth and comfortable. It is often used in fall wedding ideas. The guests will feel at ease. Think of fall leaves, pumpkin, sun, sunset as wedding themes.

PINK symbolizes the femininity, admiration, love, pretty, spring, gentleness, harmony, fidelity, and sensuality. It is an innocent, sweet, and soft color. Pink is usually use in wedding dress, wedding invitations, and wedding flowers. The only bad image is breast cancer awareness in which most people will not consider as bad image.

PURPLE shows nobility, royalty, luxury, authority, creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. It is a mysterious and intriguing color. The darker shades of purple represent sensuality, while the lighter shades of purple represent romance and delicate. The bad image of purple is a symbol of mourning widow in Thailand.

RED creates excitement as red raises blood pressure. Red also symbolizes love, passion, sex, and power. Hence, we like to give red roses to show a strong affection of love. Red means good luck in China, while red means purity in India. Life, vitality, celebrations, and gifts are associated with red. The negative images about red are blood, war, danger, fire, and anger.

WHITE is one of the neutral colors which are common in wedding dress, flowers, and attire. White is also associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness, and virtue. Think of snow, winter, and peace as wedding themes. Today, it symbolizes crisp, clean, and luxurious. On the other hand, the white is a symbol of death for eastern countries and ghost for western countries. The caskets are usually covered in white, while the ghosts are usually visualized in floating white sheet.

YELLOW is a happy, joyful, cheerful, and hopeful color. Because it is close to the color gold, it is sometimes a symbol of wealth. Think of sunshine and summer as wedding themes. The yellow in wedding dress, wedding candles, and wedding flowers indicate a happy moment. For Japanese, it is a symbol of royalty and courage. The bad image of yellow is emergency, cowardice, deceit, and hazard. In Egypt, the yellow means death, grief, and mourning.

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