29 May 2009

Coed Bridal Showers

"Coed Bridal Showers... A New Twist"

By tradition, the bridal shower was an exclusive women-only gathering, but this practice like so many others is being given a new spin by some bridal couples, or sometimes, very aptly called a "Jack and Jill" or "Couples Wedding Shower". This pre-wedding party includes the bride and groom's closest friends. With a coed shower, the guest list by extension would include men and women, friends and family from both the bride's and the groom's side. The host and or hostess for a couple's shower can be their attendants, coworkers and/or friends. If rules of etiquette were being followed closely, then "by law" members of the bride and/or groom's immediate family should not host the party. The concept is that the party should not look like an excuse by the family of the bride to ask for gifts.
A "his-and-hers" wedding shower can be twice the fun of a "girls only" get together.
A couple's shower is modern and increasingly popular -- the ideal way to celebrate Bride and Groom as a perfect pair. Having a coed shower may even cut the costs of traditional "girls only" shower because you can have simpler food and there are more people involved to absorb the costs of a coed wedding shower.

How to Host a Coed Wedding Shower

Instead of the traditional wedding shower with only women invited, shower both the bride and groom with gifts and good wishes. A fun alternative to the traditional shower with finger goods and dainty napkins, a couple's shower can feature hearty food and drink and loads of fun.

Simple Guide:
  • Ask for the bride's and groom's input before planning their couples shower. Develop the guest list with their help, remembering that all shower guests should also be invited to the wedding.
  • Select a date and time that will be convenient for couples. A Friday or Saturday evening affair or a Sunday afternoon coffee may be the best bet.
  • Consider a location other than your home. Restaurants and public parks are good choices, especially if you cannot accommodate a lot of people in your home or backyard.
  • Choose a theme. While an elegant tea is not our of the question, create an atmosphere in which men will feel comfortable and have fun.
  • Decide whether you want formal or casual dress. Bear in mind that most people enjoy dressing down, especially on a weekend. Indicate "casual" or "dressy" on the invitation.
  • Plan a menu. A party with wine and appetizers may be appropriate, or you can arrange for a catered dinner, deli sandwiches or a full-scale outdoor cookout. A potluck affair will be easiest for you and will allow everyone to contribute.
  • Decide whether you want to play games or not. If so, try to come up with games that will involve the men without seeming too corny.
  • Consider the gift-opening segment of the party. While men might be interested in the groom's gifts, they might also become bored. Provide alternatives such as a sports event on TV or an outdoor activity.
  • Try to limit the shower to a couple of hours. To avoid people lingering far beyond your expectations, include both a starting and ending time on the invitations.

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