26 May 2008

Glossary of 'Kasal'

List of Filipino / Tagalog Wedding Terms

wedding - kasal
getting married - ikakasal
marriage (or the act of marrying) - pag-iisang dibdib (loose translation: two hearts as one) ; pag-aasawa
wedding ceremony - kasalan
reception / wedding banquet - handaan
church wedding - kasal sa simbahan
civil wedding / civilly married - kasal sa jues ('judge' in Sapnish)

soon-to-weds - ikakasal; kakasalin
groom - adressed simply as "lalaki" (man) in a Filipino/Tagalog wedding ceremony; nobyo (boyfriend) or lalaking kakasalin (marrying man) in everyday converstion
bride - adressed simply as "babae" (woman) in a Filipino/Tagalog wedding ceremony; nobya (girlfriend) or babaeng kakasalin (marrying woman) in everyday converstion
priest - pari
parent(s) - (mga) magulang
wedding sponsor (male) - ninong (godfather in English; padrino in Spanish)
wedding sponsor (female) - ninang (godmother in English; padrina in Spanish)
maid of honor - binibining pandangal
matron of honor - ginang pandangal
best man - piling ginoo
bridesmaid / groomsman / secondary sponsor - abay
newlyweds - bagong kasal
wife / husband - asawa or kabiyak (loose transaltion: better half )

wedding gown - traje de boda (Spanish in orgin)
flower - bulaklak
ring (engagement or wedding ring) - singsing
arrhae (wedding coins) - arras (Spanish in orgin)
candle - kandila
veil - belo
cord - yugal

- Mahal kita. - "I love you. "
- Ini-ibig kita. - another variation of "I love you."
- Ikaw ang babaeng pakakasalan ko. - "You are the woman I'll marry."
- Dadalhin kita sa altar. - "I'll bring you to the altar" or "I'll marry you."
- Pakakasalan mo ba ako? - "Will you marry me?"
- Pakasal na tayo! - "Let's get married!"
- Ikakasal na ako! - "I'm getting married!"
- Kailan/Saan ang kasal? - When/Where is the wedding gonna be?
- Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! - Cheers! or Long live the newlyweds!

Just for fun: Anagrams of the word 'kasal'
[note: most of the terms below generally have negative connotations so be careful not to confuse them with the word "kasal"]

aklas - a walkout; strike or revolt
askal - colloquial term which means or stray dog, mongrel; contraction of the phrase "asong kalye" (loose translation: street dog)
kalas - separate; pull apart
lakas - strength
laksa - literally means "ten thousand" (i.e. laksa-laksang tao ang dumalo)
lasak - a gamefowl term which refers to a white-feathered rooster with some spangle-like butchers
sakal - choke; strangle; wring one's neck
sakla - gamble; gambling with the use of playing cards
salak - prefix of the words salakay (attack; invade); salakab (trap); and salaksak (shove; push roughly )

***Reference: WeddingsAtWork {w@w}

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